How we receive foreign tourists in the city of Orlando

Orlando, FloridaWe are always glad that there are attractions and places in our country that we haven't yet visited. We write reviews about the most interesting and/or bizarre tourist spots in the country. Orlando, with its history and cultural attractions, is an ideal place for both new tourists and those who like to travel in small groups. The city is a bargain in everything: rent, plane tickets, mini tours, and local excursions. We received many requests to write about the city in detail, so as to not leave anything out. I will not be able to do this every day, because I don't have the time. And one evening last November, we decided to go to the city of Orlando for a couple of days. What we went to the city for The first day was a mini-tour, we went to grab lunch and relax. Among the attractions that were immediately apparent: the sea is beautiful, there are a lot of tourists in the city.