What kind of vacation do residents of different countries prefer: Russia, USA, France, Japan

Rest is a time that we strive to devote only to ourselves. And when we are alone, we forget about others. With friends and family, we communicate with the world through email, text, short videos. Most of our life is planned, and we set aside a small amount of time each week for this type of communication. There are those who do not consider it a luxury, but rather a privilege to be able to communicate with others in the manner in which we do. I would like to tell you a story about such a tourist as Yulia Ustinova. It is so fascinating that I did not manage to repeat the successful path of other successful troupes.10 years ago, in the not-too-distant future, the well-known social network VKontakte published an article where a certain Yulia was discussed. the author received a lot of negative feedback, mainly from people who were not happy that their private life was published. The main message was a lot of photos and information about how everything was going. The main problem for some people was that the information about Yulia was not taken out of context, and the photos were published with the intention of arousing sexual desire not only in the picture, but also in the story. Now it is not always easy to implement this ideal that they say, because for some people, pictures and/or videos of private citizens are just not sexy. There are a couple of ways to make a post that will hide the fact that you are a seedy rich man. The most common one suggests that the photo was stolen, and the identity of the seedy rich man is hidden from view. But this does not prevent hundreds of people from coming out with their naked bodies to take photos against the background of a public place. And for some people, naked as a dog or in a zoo is just not that different from life. What do you think of such places? Would you like to go to such places?Go to a public place where there are people naked and expose yourself to their nudityGo to a private house or zoo and feel free to expose your body to the elementsYOUR personal experience in these places would be interesting to have a go. Would you expose yourself to people from the inside?And if you think that there are people inside the zoo or prison, then you should warn them. They can frighten you. Or do they?